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PAY FOR A SCREENING LICENSE There are two options for community screenings: (1) free-admission screenings; and (2) screenings where admission is charged.
For free-admission screenings: You will receive the screening DVD with a license to show the film in public, provided you do not charge admission. Note: You can ask for donations.
For screenings where you will be charging admission: You will receive the screening DVD with a license to show the film in public, allowing you to keep the proceeds to fund-raise.
Resources to publicize the screenings are available.

If you'd like to hold multiple community screenings, contact us. These prices are for a one-time community screening, and you will be required to return the screening DVD.

The DVD is also available for home use purchase, which is licensed only for home use without admission charged. Purchase a DVD and host home screenings for free!
PUBLICIZE YOUR SCREENING After paying for your screening license, your online order confirmation will contain a link to a page where you can register your event and use our online publicity. Click here to find screening resources, posters, handouts and widgets to publicize your screening.

May charge admission and keep ticket money.
Home Use
Home use purchase for screening only with friends and family in private.
For screening in a public space, please select one of the community screening options below.


No Frills Community Screening
Free-admission only.
Small Community Screening
1-50 people. $100
May charge admission and keep ticket money.
Medium Community Screening
51-100 people. $200
May charge admission and keep ticket money.
Large Community Screening
100-200 people. $350
More than 200 people? Inquire here.
For bulk DVD orders or to purchase TRIPLE DIVIDE [REDACTED] for your grassroots group, contact us at [email protected].

If you want to purchase TRIPLE DIVIDE [REDACTED] for an educational institution or public library, please click HERE.


Regular shipping takes 7-10 days. If your screening is soon, you have the option to select expedited shipping with 1, 2 or 3 days delivery. Remember to add an additional day for processing. All shipping will be done by freight, so we will need a street address.
We accept Mastercard & Visa We accept Visa or MasterCard for immediate processing. If paying by check, please allow an additional two weeks processing for the check to clear.
Sales tax will be added to orders from California, Indiana, Pennsylvania and New York.

Questions about your order? Email [email protected].
Questions about a community screening? Email [email protected].

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